Ultimate Pool and Spa uses Latham vinyl liner products for our pool construction. These liners are engineered to deliver the finest quality without breaking the bank. Each liner is comprised of state-of-the-art materials meant to withstand chemicals, sunlight, and water, which often wear quickly in lower-quality products. The materials are lightweight and easy to install – which means you’ll get to enjoy your pool faster!

Create a Personalized Oasis

When you build a vinyl swimming pool, you’ll have so much to choose from, allowing you to create a unique backyard experience. Choose from dozens of:

  • Shapes (from rectangular to various organics shapes in all sizes)
  • Steps (choose from space-saving styles to built-in spa-style seating)
  • Walls (polymer or steel – it’s up to you!)
  • Coping and decking (design the edges of your pool with distinctive style)
  • Tanning ledges (that can double for shallow-water play areas)
  • Extras (equipment coverings, pool houses, patio structures, and landscape elements)

Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

The colour of your vinyl liner can transform the feeling of a pool. From aquamarine tones that give off a Caribbean vibe to dark blues that absorb the sun’s warm rays and give your pool a sense of depth, your liner allows you to customize your look and feel.

Ultimate Pool and Spa has 30 different liner patterns to choose from – including options that incorporate specialized pearlescent inks to make your new pool sparkle.

A great way to update your pool’s appearance is by upgrading the liner, and, with today’s advancements, it’s easier than ever. Depending on your pool shape and size, a new liner can often be replaced in a matter of hours!

Covers and Accessories

Covers don’t just keep your swimming pool free of debris – they can also be life-savers that protect pets and small children. With proper maintenance and installation, your custom pool cover does a lot of preventative work, including preventing accidents, stopping debris, and shielding your pool from inclement weather conditions. It can also reduce heating costs and save you money on insurance.

Choose From:

Automatic Safety Covers

Keep your pets and loved ones safe with the flip of a switch. We offer automatic pool covers that can open and close with ease, giving homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

Mesh Covers

Both reliable and highly durable mesh covers are constructed with interlocked and double overlapped seams. They are ideal winter options as they allow precipitation to travel through, removing the need for you to invest in a submersible pump. Mesh covers are traditionally light and easy to manage.

Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers are a single solid sheet of vinyl that works to protect your pool and your loved ones when the pool is not in use. Choose from a pump or Invis-a-drain options. Our vinyl covers come in various weights and colours and can be custom-designed to fit your needs and the unique shape of your pool.

Customize Your Swimming Pool Remodel and Design

Whether you are in the market for a new pool or ready to update your existing one, our professional pool builders and contractors are here to help. Work with one of our swimming pool designers on your very own custom swimming pool design, or allow us to advise on your best options for a swimming pool update.

Ultimate Pool and Spa can also handle the construction of pool houses, landscaping, fencing, and design elements. We’re you’re one-stop shop for an entire end-to-end backyard transformation.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help!

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