Purchasing a pool can be an exhilarating experience for the entire household. However, to make the experience seamless, some critical work needs to happen behind the scenes. While the process may feel overwhelming, our swimming pool designers and inground pool contractors will work with you to make the whole experience quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Understand the Size of Your Yard

With so many pool sizes and designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The one finite thing is the amount of space you have to work with. Your swimming pool contractor will work with you to measure your backyard so that the pool you pick fits both your needs and your outdoor space.

Choose Your Pool Layout and Design

Once the size is finalized, it will be time to pick your pool and choose the surrounding elements. This includes:

  • Picking your pool shape and design features. This includes considering the incorporation of sun ledges, Baha benches, corner vs wide pool stairs, etc.
  • Picking your vinyl swimming pool liner (including the colour and design)
  • Choosing your cover (regular vs built-in, mesh vs solid)
  • Deciding on your pool heater (gas, electric, propane, solar)
  • Considering other elements, such as a pool house. While some customers want something to cover and protect the equipment, others prefer a larger structure to house everything from change rooms to tiki bars.
  • Finalizing your decking (pavers vs concrete and the coping that will ultimately surround your pool)

At Ultimate Pool and Spa, we offer end-to-end pool construction and also have the ability to landscape your entire backyard once your pool has been installed. From fencing to hardscaping, from green spaces to privacy barriers, we can build it all!

Plan for Construction

Once you have decided on a custom pool shape and style and have made a plan for your entire backyard, the real work will begin. Building your perfect pool takes skilled workers, machinery, and various materials. If you are building an inground pool, it will also require excavation. Before construction starts, your pool builder will work with you to figure out permits (if applicable) and advise on access. This could mean temporarily removing fencing and pre-existing landscaping elements to allow for the passage of equipment, materials, and workers.

Landscaping and Patios

As an end-to-end service, our team will also handle the landscaping and patios. Whether that is a simple re-landscaping of the areas affected by the pool construction or a re-imagining of your backyard space, our seasoned landscaping professionals will handle the detailed work of installing the coping and decking as well as any other backyard elements.

Rely on a Qualified Builder to Guide You

Your swimming pool builder is well versed in the entire swimming pool installation process and can advise you on every detail of the build, from beginning to end. They’ll let you know what to expect and ensure everything is organized and ready to go on the build day. While the moments leading up to construction can feel overwhelming, understand that it is all part of the process. By hiring a builder that understands the process, we’ll remove as much stress as possible so that you can go back to enjoying the final product – your brand-new pool.

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