Your Pool Design Experts

At Ultimate Pool and Spa, we consider all the important details when designing and constructing your pool, from yard area requirements to geotechnical inspections and permits.

First Things First

When you meet with our team to begin the exciting process of planning and building your pool, we will discuss the following elements:

  • The size of your pool
  • The shape of your pool
  • Stair configuration
  • Cover type: auto/solar blanket/winter cover
  • Deep end depth
  • Sun ledge
  • Coping/decking
  • Salt water or chlorine
  • Lighting and water features
  • Liner choice

Our experts will be able to guide your decision-making based on the configuration of your yard. Some spaces may require retaining walls for safety or esthetics.  We may need to consider fencing options in order to comply with local bylaws. Our team has a wealth of experience to support you to make the choices that best suit your available space and budget. You can be assured that our team’s knowledge and experience have led us to develop an effective process that maximizes efficiency.

Many of the elements we will discuss go beyond design choices to those that can impact your energy consumption and overall cost. The size and depth of your pool, for example, will affect energy-usage and the financial resources necessary to construct and maintain your pool.

How you intend to use your pool will also be considered. Is your pool going to be an oasis in your yard where you’ll enjoy the hot summer days with friends and family, or are you interested in a more functional, sleek lap pool for exercise or physical therapy? Whatever your vision, we have the expertise to design the pool you want and the construction experience to build it properly.

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As a pool company with local expertise, when you deal with us, you deal with trusted professionals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence on every project. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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