a person standing holding a net in an outdoor pool

Many people have the misconception that owning a swimming pool is a hassle and will take a considerable amount of time to maintain. That’s simply not true.
In reality, you only need to be consistent. When you are consistent and have the right tools, you won’t need to worry about keeping your pool clean and well-organized.

To maintain your pool properly, you have to know your pool

You can keep your pool running smoothly by understanding its parts and how they function – and resolve issues more easily when they arise.

The Basic Components of a Swimming Pool

Every pool has four components that need regular maintenance, whether it’s a basic backyard pool or an enormous inground oasis; these parts include:

Water quality is crucial to enjoying your pool. You and your family will be protected against contaminants and pollutants if you keep it clean, clear, and balanced. Keeping your pool clean also helps you avoid expensive hardware repairs caused by corrosion or mineral buildup, and makes your pool last longer.

All water that enters your pool liner will come in constant contact with the walls of the liner. Keep these surfaces clean and free from algae, mold, and debris to ensure your pool is safe and clean.

Filter System
Your pool filter cleans the water to help prevent exposure to contaminants. Your pool will become cloudy, polluted, and unusable without a functioning filter system. There are many types of water filters, such as cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth filters.

Skimmers and Returns
During the cleaning process, your skimmers pull water into the filter, while the returns push it back into your pool. They function best when they’re clean and unobstructed. Every pool has its challenges, and you will no doubt encounter them over time. However, if you’re familiar with the four pool elements, you’ll find that most upkeep challenges will be overcome. Contact the team at Ultimate Pool and Spa for additional information.